As a child, Julia had a weekly subscription to Smash Hits, and didn't miss an episode of Top of the Pops or the top forty countdown on Sunday evenings. Born in 1978 in the east Midlands, she studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick, where she was awarded the Derek Walcott Prize for Creative Writing in 2000 (for a poem, not a pop song). She went on to study for an MLitt. in Creative Writing at the University of St Andrews.

Her most recent work is a novel set in 1988, What a Way to Go which is published by Atlantic Books and in audio format by WF Howes in the UK. For more information on the book, you can read more here.

In 2007, Julia also wrote a little non-fiction book about inspiration called Muses, which was published by Pocket Essentials. She found people who would employ her in the publishing industry in Aberystwyth, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and London, including a two-year stint as an assistant in a literary agency in Soho, where jobs included sifting submissions from authors each morning. More recently, she worked in the marketing and publicity department at the literary magazine New Welsh Review where she coordinated the inaugural New Welsh Writing Awards 2015. As a journalist and book reviewer, she has written for Agenda, Arts Professional, The Big Issue, PN Review, New Welsh Review, Open Democracy, Resurgence and the Western Mail.

Julia now works for Literature Wales where she sits on their bursary panel, helping to award bursaries to both emerging and established writers, having herself received a bursary in 2011 which enabled her to begin What a Way to Go. She lives in mid Wales with her husband and two children.

Other jobs have included being a waitress in Chartres, a nanny in Milan and a magician's assistant in Brooklyn. She regrets that she has never been a pop star.

What a Way to Go
By Julia Forster